I responded to a call out from Visible Identities for portfolio projects and was delighted when Verena and Yaron came to view our space. The attention-to-detail and the solutions offered to the issues I needed to resolve in my coworking space (tuesday coworking) were amazing.
Not only did they produce a highly polished 20-page concept presentation, they gave me various options to fit my constrained budget. The three presented concepts were each in their own way very creative and I’m delighted with the end result. In the end I chose two, one of which we have implemented and works well not only to add character to the space, but also as an excellent sound-absorber for our high-ceiled main room. The second concept is still in the pipeline and I look forward to working with them again in the near future to implement it. Thanks a lot Visible Identities!

– John Neilan, Founder at Tuesday Coworking


It was a pleasure for me to work with Verena on the design for my new logo. She implemented the design quickly and included my suggestions and wishes in a professional way. I am very happy with the result.

– Marina Miller-Schmachtenberg, Schulleiterin bei GGB, Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung


The collaboration with Visible Identities was very professional. The communication went outstandingly well. Since Ms. Tam has been very methodically responsive to my requests right from the beginning, the amendment rounds have been kept to a minimum, and I quickly had a result that literally blew me away. She has set new standards in cooperation with designers.

– Samir Chahrour, Geschäftsführer KSC Kosmetik GmbH


It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend Visible Identities. Verena is a true professional and talented graphic designer! I have worked with Verena on a few projects (logos and full branding) and was very pleased with the results. The process was smooth and our communication was clear and efficient. I look forward to work with Verena again in the future.

– Roni Rabinowitz, Personal Assistant for Chairman of the Board at International Fintech UAB


The cooperation with Visible Identities was amazing. It was the first project for me with Visible Identities and I’m fully satisfied with the results (logo and package design). All my wishes and associations were implemented in a quick and adequate way.
It was a great pleasure for me to work with Visible Identities and we look forward to work with them again in the future. Kati and Christoph

– Katrin Schütz, Manager bei foodglueck


It was a pleasure to work with Visible Identities in the design for our new packaging. They have been very communicative and tried to understand our needs from the fist moment. They included all our corrections and suggestions and improved the design that we had chosen. Besides, they worked an extra mile to propose an overall brand image for the company.
We are really satisfied with the work done, and we are sure we will continue collaborating with them.

– Marcel Llorens Anglès, CFO at Instamaki


It was extremely lucky to have hired Verena for our project at Aptrinsic. As a Designer, she was instrumental in producing our book “Mastering Product Experience in SaaS: How to Deliver Personalized Product Experiences with Product-Led Go-to-Market Strategy.” It was an excellent experience. Pixel-perfect attention to aesthetics of graphical elements and typography, she was attentive to our needs in a highly agile and iterative way. She is a real professional, timely, and personable. Verena is a creative design talent you are looking for!

– Aleh HAIKO, Principal UX Designer at Aptrinsic


We started organising Classical music and Jazz concerts in 2008. Verena Tam was at that time Senior Designer at Teldesign in Rotterdam. She designed our Visual Identity including posters, flyers, stationary and webpage. We are so proud that this eminent designer worked for us! She is a great professional and a very kind person at the same time.

– Anne Gercama, MUSIKC foundation, Rotterdam