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Does your creative startup space still lack some creativity or unique character?

We have created this service package for small startups, smb’s and/or stores who are looking to upgrade their work space instantly and in a creative & unique way, but on a very tight budget.

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The future world of how people work is one of the most exciting and rapidly changing areas, with plenty of opportunities and inspiring developments. 

We are convinced that new ideas and approaches are required, in order to let people feel happy and inspired at their workplace.


INDIVIDE Innovative workstations for creativity

In cooperation with professional design business advice, and the application of design thinking and product development methods, we have gone through an extensive process of learning about the market of “work” and its current and future developments – attending lectures, fairs, consulting with experts and experimenting with different methods and design strategies how to integrate …

We strongly believe that creative design for businesses, interior architecture and branding go hand by hand.

Therefore, we offer a multidisciplinary approach as a team of designer + architect, in order to profit from our combined expertise.

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