INDIVIDE Innovative workstations for creativity

Innovative workstations for creativity
Innovative workstations for creativity

In cooperation with professional design business advice, and the application of design thinking and product development methods, we have gone through an extensive process of learning about the market of “work” and its current and future developments – attending lectures, fairs, consulting with experts and experimenting with different methods and design strategies how to integrate and create more creative and happy working places.

A particular part of our research focused on understanding the needs of office workers in different professions, positions and companies regarding their physical surroundings.

Based on our findings resulting from interviews and observations, we have started to develop two different design products, which offer innovative solutions for improving creativity, inspiration and individual feeling of happiness at the workspace.

One of them, INDIVIDE, is a innovative and flexible workstation for open office spaces that encourages creativity and communication, while respecting the individual need of balance and personal space.

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