About us

We are:

Verena, Graphic & Branding Designer, and Yaron, MSc Engineer Architect. After more than 13 years of having worked in and for diverse leading studios in The Netherlands, Germany, Paris and Tel Aviv, each of us, we have decided to join our skills, strengths and passion. Together, we formed a team, in order to operate at the touchpoint of architecture and graphic design.

In 2016, we established our studio in Berlin. We are acting in the field of interior design, graphic design & branding, architecture and product design.

Since we have experienced the pro’s and con’s of working in ‘traditional’ office environments and structures by ourselves, we have decided to focus on exploring the area of new work, workplace improvement, office design, work & creativity and work & individuality.

We believe that “work-life-balance” is an Illusion. It’s actually all one!

We are convinced that new ideas and approaches are required, in order to help people feel happy and inspired at their workplace – wherever this may be, and however this space may look like.